Revelation, unknowing has been taken. Why had I waited so long? Refrained

for this love. Never open to the hope He has. How could reject this? He was

calling my name. Searchin for me. I always turnd away. Not anting to believe

I have a need for Him. Feling this emptiness. Not knowing he could fill.

Drowning in my efforts to find comfort. I searched and strived for the

answer. But every step I fell and the earth crumbled underneath me. Now I

found this rock.This stable place. The pain has gone away. I place my hope

in no other. My heart, it cries, it toils inside me. Wantin all to have this

life. Wanting all to know this love, but I'm reminded of my turning. Closing

my eyes. Running the other way, but I've decided. I open my eyes to find

more than I was looking for. My mind screams. Knowing this is for all, but

not all I want I've found. Now I found this rock. This stable place. The

pain has gone. I place in no other.