I will endure. It will endure in me. Until the end, forever. I will endure.

If we continue in these ways, rebellion bends towards hatred. We rise up for

our cause, and forsake the outsiders. Where is this love, this

understanding? Who will stand? What will break down. if this uprise of self

is left to reign? This age screams for a standard to uphold, and an answer

for the questions. The wavering of beliefs lead to destruction. Nothing

remains constant to its origin but the unchange faith of Christ. The one

stable since creation. Thoughts have come, and theories have gone. Nothing

has lasted through resistance. But who can deny, who can dispute the faith

that's been throughout since the foundation of the beginning? It has always

ben and always will be. Forever. It has been proven. It shall remain. This

faith has stood the test. It persists through the conflict. Through the

revolt against its ways, nothing has held true like this. No other has

revealed such strength. The roots run deep within. Entangling around my

rock. Never letting go of this truth. The power that has sustained me.I will

endure in what I believe and what I believe wil endure in me...