I came up around the roughest of the rough necks, on corners with a bar

Shadow rocks and a Geniva real ready to go to war

We don't love nothing ready to murder something on sight

Put it on my life, one of my foes'll bite the bullet tonight

You see ths red light this beam, plus a murdering team

Thinking of even to coming and get you it's the E and D

So what's another murder nigga you brought this on yourself

I'ma do it to you slow and make you want to chrome yourself

You owe me something nigga don't like you don't owe me when you see me

I got killers looking to locate your bitch and bust freely

I'ma take another ass for it, to get a million

I be going against the grain slow living or living fast for it

Therefor I'ma mash for it, addicted to greed

I'm headfirst up in this dirty game my life is full speed

Trying to hog it all, bleed the block until the block drop

Screaming fuck y'all until a nigga fry

Gorilla till I die

Gorilla till I die

Gorilla till I die

Gorilla till I die

Grill out, chill out from my cool reflection

Face spill out, fill out the room full of haters section

Reck's aggression, cause this Frankiln got tossed

For reala gorilla these wars with an extra set of balls

Got to war down to the thug field with bombs suit up

But don't talk to me, holla at my little thugs

If it's Prada that you want then we got it by the way

But I won't hesitate to seel you an underground tape

Fuck the straight and the narrow I be crooked than a bitch

Slide through the door sideways with a mask and some clips

With a dope dog, that I stole from the law

Make you slip up out of your clothes on the way to see your balls

Too down, too dirty, I'm all that shit

Don't get caught in this movie when my mind start to trip

It's a hit, hit by Mr. Crooked Profit

Gorilla till I die and can't nann nigga stop it

My plans to be a millionaire done tripped and went elsewhere

Times pass, thangs change but me I'm stuck in nowhere

Now I done told the laws, when I found out be a little bit better off

Then worry about them white cars that keep passing by my house

And, rare digits, I'm speaking from experience

Thinking this might be the time for me to set it off

I'm lost and throwed so it seems it can't still matches

Some bank heists, and aggravated terroristic jackers

Drama related but damn it I've been straight since 98

I put that life behind me and still trying to reach the gate

They say money is the key to success but can't handle this

Without the paper on your hands it's hard times and stress

No shit, I told you that I can handle it

But damn it, I'll be damned if I'm gone let it handle me

I tell y'all what, I stay high, cause it keeps me from spilling away

It's inside, I'm a gorilla till I die

Maybe I should try hitch hike cause too many niggas on my block

Trying to make a million pettiest songs in the same spot

Grab mentality of a sick nigga, anyway that I can get it

You better believe that I'm gone get it till I see a rich nigga

Remember my strategy, always bust first

In a situation me and Nina burst, leavin memeories on the streets

Heartless, with or without heat

Holding ground as if a nigga sporting cleats

Gorilla till I die cause I'ma be a hog, I want it all

Trying to ball until my final curtain call

If it means stepping on they toes they better be ready for my moves

But fucking recognize I'm a raw dog with a trunk full of 2's

Click for the ooz', my nigga we gone blast together

When it's rough and tough we take it till we laugh together

Forever, we gone bleed the block until the block drops

Screaming fuck y'all until a nigga fry

Gorilla till I die

Gorilla till I die

Gorilla till I die

Gorilla till I die]

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