Foxes - live with us

Mask - a stilled face

Artfully deceiving you

And you believe in all that rubbish

You'll give them what they want

Unaware feeding the evil

Foxes - live on us

On the stupid fools

Strives for your special favours

Ruins you behind your back

It's a dodgers's game

To steal and sell what they can

Credulity makes us lost

Throw it out of your houses

Don't believe anybody

Nowaday's such a time

That falsehood gets applause

This living's easily earnt

Changes mind, vexes you

Profit is your aim

You go ahead over dead bodies

Foxes - hate their dens

Shame - faced of their homes

Nothing is in a position

To cover boorish manners

Disguise the blanket's dirt

Brainwashed is all they've got

Vyšlo na albech