Enterprising Man

Hi, I'm Spaniard, they call me this name

Hotel is my business, all night all day

Wanna buy some dope? Pay and it is yours

Wait a minute - I will get it in a while

You fool, you will soon be sad

Bye, bye, he is getting mad

What? She is rich, got a house and likes sex

I'm coming right away - hey you - where's that?

I will fleece her like a sheep and I will screw her tight and deep

If she's nice she'll stay alive - if not, she'll bite the dust

I'm a con-man, that's what I am

And you've always let me live quite well

Are you bright enough to turn it into dough

I'm everywhere but you don't know how

I live with the elite, go out with my dog

And no one will stop me if I want to have more

In this paradise of money honesty is myth

There are only con-men, cheating, stink and filth

Always - there are fools around

I am - hunting in the crowd

Vyšlo na albech