Blind Faith

With just one word "shit" you're calling the world

Your own life you're calling the same

You hated your school for its boredom and fear

You preferred your friends, a match and beer

You're a fan

You're a fan

The stadium has shaped you, taught you to drink and swear

To quench emotions with aggression

You should give it all your thanks every day

Now you're good enough to have your own Heysel

You're a fan

You're strong in the crowd

When you yell out loud

There you can feel safe

A part of the wave

Dirty stream of scum is flooding my town

Brainless morons playing everywhere

Everything around is slowly falling down

To resist them no one would now dare

You're a fan

You're a fan

They're chauvinists who kill you for their club

Anarchy allows them to act

There are more and more hooligans around

Soccer stadiums are their playing grounds

They're fans

They're fans

Down the drain every day

Drinking beer all in vain

That's the life that you want

To like you? No, I don't!

It's a spark of war, it's an evil source

Always dreaming to conquer the world

This is fanatism, kills humans in us

So prevent it quickly if you can



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