Devil Rides Out

Who's another fool - who's another tool

Will you be the one for the missions?

Can you see yourself - part of something else

For the love of god and ammunition?

Fight the righteous fight!

Believe what is right!

Beat that drum - oi!

Beat that drum - oi!

Black stallion of death - the devil rides out

Come and fill our ranks - win imperial thanks

Earn yourself a seat with the victor!

Time to settle the score - nothing like before

Climb the wall and storm now and forever more...

Lock and load your gun - barrage has begun

Hold your breath and wait for the signal...

Generals have their fun - "Do you duty, son!"

Unit on the map is just a symbol

Mud in your mouth - what's it all about?

Can you count the holes in your body?

Who is friend or foe - brothers I don't know

Could you wave that flag one more time for me!

Black stallion of death...

Scarred stallion of fear...

Black stallion of death...

He rides out to war...

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