[Verse 1:]

I'm waking up in Cheeto dust

My belly's covered with pizza crust

I'm using my inhaler now [wheezes]

I'm out of shape, fattening up

I'm sipping Coke from a solo cup

Donut crumbs are upon my lips, whoa


The TV's on, I really hate this show

I can't reach my remote control

Welcome to my new place, to my new place

Sorry it's a cramped space, but it's my place

I'm really inactive, I'm so inactive

I'm really inactive, highly inactive

[Verse 2:]

My muscle's gone, I'm atrophied

Always lose my fight with gravity

I rest my bones, and just chillax

My nordictrack's collecting dust

And my stairmaster's a pile of rust

This is it, the inertia


I can't get up, this couch is part of me

I'm growing cobwebs on my knee

Pretty sad for my age, sad for my age

I could read my rib cage, here is my age

I'm really inactive, yes, quite inactive

I'm really inactive, not very active


Near comatose, no exercise

Don't tag my toe, I'm still alive


I'm giving up, my energy is shot.

I'm never moving from this spot

Never move from this place, move from this place

I'll stay here in this place, right in this place

I'm really inactive, just so inactive

I'm really inactive, not so attractive

Vyšlo na albech