Twin Fires of Beltíne

Extinguish all flame, ritually renew

Arise with the morning, gather the dew

Fire on the water, healing our ills

Cast spells of protection, gather your will

Call calm from the waters, the Earth and the sky

Invoke the patrons of kin and of tribe

Banish ill fortune, put paid to all pain

The circle keeps turning again and again

Sunwise in the circle turn, twin fires of better turn

Skyclad, to the beat of the drum

Twin fires of Beltine burn

Sun and moon, Earth and stars, twin fires of Beltíne burn

A new dawn heralds the triumph

Cold winter melts away

Aeonghas Magóg Agus Anú

On this day hold sway

Make love in the forests, cavort in the fields

Anoint the blossom, increase the yield

Give toast to the gods and imbibe the wine

An Cailleach transformed to maiden divine

The rhythms of the seasons

The cycles of the moon

Feel the power of the elements

Sun shines on you

As the sun shines down on you

By Oak, give strength

By Rowan, grant magic

By Hazel, bestow wisdom

Spring from winter's darkness

Into invigorating light

And bathe in the warmth of the summer sun

Faoi dair, labhair neart

Faoi caorthann, deontas draiochta

Faoi coll, bhronnadh eagna

Earraigh ó dorchadas gheiinhridh isteach i solas briomhar

Agus folcadh sa teas na grêine tsamhraidh

Vyšlo na albech