The Light, the Dark and the Endless Knot

The light and the dark, a marriage eternal

Sundrenched, exultant, darkclad yet infernal

Chaos or order, evil or good

Definitions abound, clear cut yet confusing.

Birth, youth, maturity, and death

Wheel of life keeps turning

Immortal species spiralling forever

Can never unravel the endless knot.

Perceptions - one man's dream

Perceptions - another man's nightmare

Perceptions - follow your own path

Perceptions - countless possibilities

Give way to instinctive urges

Alter ego wells within

Reaction to the conscience

A force too powerful to deny

Try to pacify the rage

Darker side is part of you

A device for your survival

Essential, not altogether evil.

Ofttimes I dance in the light

On occasion I stalk the dark

Light and dark, day and night

My soul enshrined, dual delight.

Who can say what is light and what is dark?

Mankind perceives life to satisfy his own desires

Yet, the wheel turns, the seasons fall And unabated the knot continues its endless journey

Of life and death.