Release the Spirit Within

Come sit with me

In this circle of stones

And dream

Journey with me.

Hear the leaves they rustle

See but cannot really see

A presence in a dependent slumber

Alike a door without a key.

Seeking, searching

Doubt an emotion I now leave behind

Seeking, searching

Fear an emotion I no longer comprehend.

Music primal and soaring

Drumbeat of the universe

Eerie cosmic winds singing

The sighing of unborn stars.

Focused to the ultimate point of trance

I march to the tune of eternity's dance.

I navigate my own flight

Engrained thoughts, my insight

To leave behind my earthly shell

Delve deep within my depthless well.

Flying through the astral plain

Unsure if you're insane

Echoes from the world of man

Dizzying distortions of space and time

Time has no meaning anymore

Begin to forget from whence you've come

Allow true power of thought to create

That which is reflected in your hear

I was the seeker

MAny paths I have thread

I know now reality

Not what I've read.

I am the master of my own mind

I am the master of my own destiny.