Lámh Dearg

Accept the challenge, to contest for this soil

Victory will come, with blood sweat and toil

Knife through the waves, a province to claim

Defeat unacceptable, can't live with the shame

Sever the word hand, hurt to the shore

Infamous sacrifice of legend and lore

Anointed in blood, an ill-omened fate?

Strife without end which nothing can sate

Rise above that, which divides us

True love for this land must sustain

Bow to the goddess both planter and gael

True love for our land must sustain

Lámh Dearg - Raise the red hand high

Lámh Dearg - Abu

Lámh Dearg - Ulaidh Go Brea

Lámh Dearg - Abu

Conflict, oppression, atrocity, pain

Dwell in the past with nothing to gain

A bloody hand to unite us, lessen the strife

A true king who takes this land as his wife

A hero reborn from an age now past by

Who embraces the truth and never will lie

Adapt to the paradox we have become

Accept that the evils can't be undone

Embrace the future, learn from the past

Unite the clans, the die have been cast

Vyšlo na albech