Galloping Gaels

Kick heels to ones haunches, adrenaline rising,

Thundering lightning, tolling hard on your Reign.

Rolling the gradients, heart and hoof beat as one,

(Life’s) trial of endurance; Champion’s portion I claim.

Quick to the fight, yet swiftly to love

Questing the knowledge seems barely enough

Which one is mighty, the pen or the Sword?

(In) tandem assault, we seek our reward


I fear not my death, my soul will endure.

Eternal flame burning with passion most pure

Preserving Tradition through story and song

Inscribed in memory, spiritual and strong.

Galloping Gaels,

Galloping Gaels,

Abu! Abu!

Galloping Gaels,

Galloping Gaels

Abu! abu!

Galloping Gaels, Galloping Gaels

Abu! Abu!

Death casts it’s shadow in raven black

Truth appears whiter, whiter than snow

Thoughts carried forth on a swift wind

Insight cuts sharper, sharper than steel.

Leap like the salmon, with vigour and zest,

Talents inherent the Gods did bequest,

Strive to be heroes, create Legends anew.

Ancestral reverence, olden ways renewed.

Vyšlo na albech