Elemental Chaos

Elemental Chaos, beg upon your knees,

Crushing resolve relentlessly,

Mankind, will reap the bitter seed,

Elemental chaos I foresee…………..

Hear the Earth God rumble with rage

(The) cruel whip of the wind devours all

Seas rising to touch the sky

Nature, consumed by fire

Like weeds they’ve cut the woodlands down

Terminal, our Planet’s disease

Accelerating cycles, that turn.

Air, sod, flame and tide.

Ignore the signs, embrace death

Kiss all, of your futures, goodbye…

The web of life is frozen

Silent victim for the Sun

The ice kingdom is melting

Drowning the hopes of man.

Splintering trees shock the silence

Echoes of doom in eternal winter.

No Gods of mortal man here do dwell,

Their frozen bones don snow white blankets.

Peasants, blinded blissfully

Maggots on our dying world.

Vyšlo na albech