Balor of the Evil Eye

Fomorian lord ruled with an iron hand

Piracy maintained by this darkened god

Tyrannical reign, o'er Eireann's sons

Starve and shame, into submission one and all

Disciples of chaos - disrupting

Destroyer of order - dominating

Tipping the balance - oblivion

Extinguishing light - darkness

Dominate de Danann, strip away then pride

Threat them like tenants, there's no place to hide

A tribute collected, heads hung in disgrace

Hollow eyes of defeat, proud race losing face.

Balor - Evil Eye

One look - you will die

Balor - Evil Eye

Unleashed - strangled cry.

There's one spark amongst the dying embers

Born to ignite red passions raging

Lugh Samildeanach, true inspiration

Equilibrium by sword and sorcery.

Chaos king meets prince of light

Fulfilling omens of foresight

'Twas written blood must slay blood

Symbolic duel, redress the balance.

Sword of Light

Quell the darkness

Shield of order

Vanquish the chaos