A mystery around me

Emanating from the land

Only true kindred spirits

May even hope to understand

A voice I hear which is calling out to me

A message all around when my mind is free

Speaking in whispers thrown from the wind

Out from my surroundings calling out to me

Daunted by the canopy of green

A blaze of blue and emerald fire

A finer sight I've rarely seen

And I dine on awe alone

Swirling shadows

Dance upon the water still

And sky and cloud vie for prominence

On the surface calm

A lone deed

Creating ripples alike waves

And all along the surface

Now consequence in journey

I breathe - I feel my lungs

I breathe - I feel my soul

I breathe - I feel alive

I am alive!

Green surrounds me

The wind in my hair

Fast flowing waters

The hills and the vales

Ignited by passion

Most purest by far

My life I now fashion

I live for his hour

Free to live

Free to roam

Free to think

Free as the wind

Elation I peel

So hard to comprehend

As i stand alone

Upon Anú's land

I have come home

I have been found

The way it once was

Is as it shall be

Vyšlo na albech