Anu's Retribution

Manipulating Earth's magic without giving in return

Consequences most dire, making even powerful men squirm

Mankind is forever the vermin infesting this world

Feel the sheer rage of Anu's retribution unfurled.

Eruption in the air - water cascading

Tilting of the land - mountains toppling

Winds whipping and lashing - hurricane

Screaming and raging - pouring rain

Rivers rising and rustling - tidal wave

Drowned bodies strewn - unmarked grave

Slowly suffocate the Goddess

Have you no conscience at all?

Doomsday bells are chiming

Anu regenerates, mankind falls

Global destruction, unprecedented scales

Disasters as natural as lady Anu's reign

Man has sown seeds of poison everywhere

Time for Anu to reap is now close at hand.

Cleansing her domain to prepare for millenniums new

Survival solution, all diseases must be cured

The elements always harken to Anu's call

Vengeance belongs to Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire