After the Fall

Chaos - signs in the sky

Ruins - seas will rise

Drowning - a watery grave

Demise - immortals to die

After the fall

Atlantis sunk not killing them all

After the fall

Lords of foresight did flee

After the fall

Knowledge gathered aeons old

After the fall

Preserve all illuminated lore

On crafts of mystic arts they came

Borne by the wind

On the crest of a wave they rode

Children of the sun

Across the oceans East and West

Seeking chosen lands

To be guide to the race of man

Welcome magical fleet

Be they of the Heavens

Be they of the Earth

Be they sons of demons

Be they sons of man

Wherever they go, civilization will grow

Enlightened thoughts, pupils to be taught

Figures of awe, deities to be

Chosen emerald shore, De Danann roar!!