A Path Well Trodden

Bisected by an icy wind, assaulted by the snow

In battle with the elements, whichever way I go

Blinded by remorseless glare, relentless summer sun

Rain lashed intermittently resilience the key

I have flown uncontrolled through the astral plain

Exhilarating pleasure, a prelude to pain

With numerous diversions, upon my pathway stand

Knowledge is my quest, of astral self and land

And rocky is the path, well trodden by me

Fly with me this night, see what I can see

And rocky is the path, well trodden by me

Take me by the hand see what I can see

Adapting ancient ways, absorbed in new beliefs

Systematic infiltration, secret shrouded supplication

Hysteria looms with menace

Spawned of poisoned tongues

Meticulous misinformation, velvet gloved manipulation

Embrace the sorrow, lie down with the pain

Master emotion, cast off all shame

Vyšlo na albech