This is my love song

My great and secret show

My pornographic confession

Emblems of the season of fury

Flash and wobble and jar

I toss and scream

I shake and yell

I weep and curse

Like a madman

I can't sleep

I strip myself naked of my words

I lay them bare for all of you to see

More whimper then fury

For the world to listen, watch and laugh

I toss and scream...

I mumble the words

I do not understand

Figures appear at go at no will

I toss and scream...

I'm still in control of my mind

So many voices

In my head

None of them can replace yours

I toss and scream...

Fever drums the war song in my brain

Perfect memory of time and place is a curse

Savage god raises his hand

In the fields of rape in my head

Vyšlo na albech