Trill Niggas Don't Die

I pack that nine everytime, and I ain't trying dying

Pussy nigga, I pack that nine everytime and I ain't trying dying

I just wanna celebrate

Cause trill niggaz don't die

Pussy nigga, thinking you gon kill me

I got some'ing for your ass, nigga you gon feel me

I'ma blow you out the water, with the 2-23

Putting dick up in your daughter, rap is over I serve some cheese

Nigga talking bout, robbing Chad

Run up on me with that first, will leave you stinking in the grass

If your calico to mask, if you Baptist go to church

See a hoe up in a nigga, gon pull up a skirt

That'll be, some incredible shit

Niggaz scheming on my bezel, on some devilish shit

I been to hell and back, on another level you bitch

Go on try it I'm going live, they gon need a shovel for you bitch

I been stabbed I been shot, went from no fans to being hot

But somehow always fall short, for trying to keep fiddles in my pot

In a dog eat dog world, y'all fellas be chasing girls

When I place myself in history, too hot for a ladder to catch me

But I can't help but to notice, I'm one of the coldest

And I know y'all haters love when I'm locked up, but I won't lose focus

Yeah I wrote this counting down, how many days I got

So lately my gun ain't been hid, it's been displayed a lot

My attitude is fucked up, I don't give a fuck cause I just don't give one

Thinking bout living a life where everything you do right is wrong, mo'fucker I live one

I know niggaz wanna kill me, but I'm still riding pride

Cause the Lord riding with me, and that's the main reason why

Some niggaz win, and some niggaz lose

Some niggaz getting bruised, some always crying to blues

Some niggaz already lost, and ain't gon lose no mo'

Big shoes hoe choose, ain't paying dues no mo'

Everything y'all trying to do, I built a school hoe

Now it's fly to talk country, I made the rules hoe

I was sagging in my khaki's, 'fore Dickies cool

Gangsta Nike's on my feet, our music banging in the streets

The young B.G.'s, really love to thump

Fuck radio and BET, I'm out here bumping in the trunk

For the girls popping pussy, and the boys with the blow

Cadillac'ers and flat-backers, I'm out here repping for it hoe

Can't any man, boy or woman take away my soul

It's a gift given from God, and I'm keeping a tight hold

The world is ugly and cold, trying to make me the same

But I'ma keep it one hundred, when it come to the game

Tame attitude, they get the wolves to grouping up

They laying boys down, they future they scooping up

We keep it click tight, so when niggaz start lurking

In the dark heaters start, anybody start jerking

Put my work in on the reg', the powder in the keg

A dragging society, don't borrow don't beg

For tomorrow so gon 'head with your pity, I'ma be cool

Kindergardeners was looking up to me, in pre-school

Down with Pimp C fool, and P-A-T the town

Representing it to the fullest, till I'm gone I hold it down

Bun Beater, would never sell you no lie

So if you ask for the truth, I'ma reply to trill niggaz don't die

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