Something Good

One with a trigger, two with a bat

Three big brothers, fo' - wanna squab with me

So I guess a brother gotta throw

Tell 'em like this, ya better get up out my camp dude

Befo' I have to pull my gat and get, real rude

I don't figure that it's worth gettin hurt

Just 'cause ya gal wanna give me that skirt

Bet it feels funny when ya doin 69

Knowin that ya sippin on all my jimmy wine

And when ya get a kiss, do ya feel bad

Knowin that ya swallowed all the skeeter that I had?

You wanna step to me but I don't really think ya should

I shoulda shot you up instead I told ya somethin good

TELL me something GOOD (Ohhh, baby, baby, baby yeah)

TELL me something GOOD (Oh yeaaaaah... yeah)

Tell-TELL me something GOOD (Ohhhhhhh-HOO!, tell me, tell me...)

TELL me something GOOD (Ohhh, baby, baby, baby yeah)

Aiyyo, what's up with that bulge in ya khakis?

You wanna pack a gat, but you STILL ain't got the pull to come and jack me

You betta bring a gangload of homies when you think you wanna throw

Cause by yourself, you're runnin to the flo'

I seen your kind befo', man ya nothin with your hands

More than a punk but still less than a man

You talk a lot of nothin when ya chillin with the ladies

Let me catch ya by yourself, you're pushin up some daisies

See crazy you wanna be, but punks with no heart, they ain't hard

They just waitin for Bun to pull they card

You betta keep your weak self locked in ya hood

Cause without your boys I'm a have to tell ya somethin good


Brothers nowadays got a habit that they really need to stop

Gettin all shot over a girl that I done popped

You need to check ya girl and what she did in the past

Cause if you know like me, you would drop her REAL fast

But I don't trust the dugout, cause I'm scared of that disease

Cause she's passin' out the skinz like government cheese

But not me player, cause Pimp C wanna live

Have you had your test? Are you H-I positive?

But instead of gettin checked you wanna fight with me

You need to check ya blood and let somebody check your teeth

But if you don't step, I'm a drop on ya fast

And pump off bullets like government cash

I didn't do ya girl but your sister was alright

Took her to my homeboy's Caddy last night She waxed my jimmy, and then the little street tramp

Did me on a box of tens and a Pioneer amp

I hit if from the back, and the girl just THREW ME

Told me, "Pump it harder," and she scratched me on my BOOTY

Now everybody in the world

Know that your sister is a nasty lil' girl

Let's talk about these half-n-half punks

By day they sorry bastards, at night they talkin bout, poppin trunks

Butter .25 can't keep you alive

From a sawed-off, fool so I hope you survive

See bluffin might save ya tail one day

But who's ta say, it won't catch ya next week, on the runway?

You might shoot a few shots in the wind

But the same time tomorrow, you'll be runnin again

Now can you keep it up, every damn night?

You steady runnin to the argument but runnin from the fight

What's the deal man? Why don't you take your Raiders cap off?

Cause one of these days, you gonna getcha head slapped off

You cain't keep a crew cause they gettin sick of seein you bail

Like a punk'll hit the backstreet trail

And the women don't like you cause ya act like them

And that's why your little jimmy never went fo' a swim

Ya talk about slangin, makin G's

But I saw a fiend chase ya from, BJ's up to Mickey D's

Now everyday punks get took

Either for they dough, they'll ride 'em for the powder that they cook

You bookin from the scene cause ya couldn't hold ya own

A 40 ounce bottle slams, ya dead to your dome

Now you want revenge, so ya get your automatic

Find a group of hard-heads, and startin kickin static

Ya pulled ya little chrome but these fools got gats

Try to run and caught two buckshots in ya back

Now you nothin but a memory that's gone in a slayin

So when I tell you somethin good, punk I don't be playin