I'm still Pimp C bitch so what the fuck is up?

I'm puttin' powder on the streets cause I got

Big fuckin' nut's comin' back from Louisiana

In a Fleetwood Lac ronted forty two, he gonna pop to seven hundred

Times sixty two, twenty four eight is what I do

So nigga fuck what 'cha do

If I told ya cocaine number's you think I was lyin'

Young ass nigga's twenty two talkin' bout they retirin'

In the game ain't a thang comin' forgien in benz

Rick ass home two apartment's where I entertain

Friends mo bounce to the ounce

Cause the bomb the shit, I done got me

Fifty ounces out of a bird in dis bitch

Tightin' up no slackin bitches checkin' my stock

Got some Birds I sell to niggas some I go rock for rock

Just got back from California kicked it with B-Legit

Put me down with purple chronic and that hurricane shit

At the studio with Tone, man I wish I could stay

I got to holla at Master P, cause we got money to make

Were big playa'z from the South stack gee'z man

Like Ball I got to stack big cheeze man

Bitch say he wanna show ya

You got nine grand I ain't rappin' shit

Till my money in my hand

South Texas mutherfucka that's where I stay

Gettin' money from yo bitches every

Got damn day

Big paper I'm foldin'

Hoes is on my mutherfuckin' jock

For all this dick I be holdin'

I hate clone man show it

Especially if a fool take our style and

Act like my nigga's don't know it

I kick it with the trill nigga's so you best's

Not trip if ya keep on talkin' shit

My nigga empty clips

Hoe azz nigga

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Well this Bun-B bitch and I'm the king

I'm movin' chickens got 'em finger lickin'

Stickin' nigga's dat be trippin'

You need a swift kickin' yo azz is right for the pickin'

Now as my pocket's thicken

I be thinkin' nigga's slippin' you sick

When I be clickin' now take a look at the

Bigger nigga Malt liquor swigger

Playa hata ditch digger figure

My hair trigger give a hot one in yo liver

You shiver shake and quiver

I'm frivoulous of a nigga you wetter den a river

For what it's worth it's the purpose some nigga's doin' dirt

Fuck her first now take off her skirt

Make the pussy hurt Mister Master

Hit the Swisha faster then fever bilstar

Blister bastard fuck her sister faster

Peep the Elbows for sale yo

Brother better have my mail hoe

Before I catch a murder case and go to jail oh

Hell no, time to bail hit the trail so

We can sell mo fuckin' yayo get the scale

No other bullet duckers can sove up

Out of this game they better buck us

Cause the clucker's they love us

Make them class dick suckers

Shake they jelly like smucker's

I hit like nun-chuckers

Cause Short Texas bring the ruckus

This for my mufuckas

Cookin' cheese to crooked geez

Rockin' up quarter key's

Just to get the hook with ease

Wanna bee's get on yo knee's

Feel the squeeze from them HK one three's

From here to over sea's

We do what we please

Don't trip cause we flip

Light up a dip

I'm breakin' 'em off from they hip to yo lip

Go ask that boy Skip

That nigga Bun rip

With one clip, soon as the gun slip

Now I done ripped out my barrette

Flyin' through yo pelle pelle and

Some smelly red jelly is drippin' out of ya belly

Servin' 'em up like a Deli jumped on my cellular telly

Hoe sell it like it's goin' out of style

You can't see me Marcus so have a

Motherfuckin' Sweet and smile.

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

Murder, Mur, Mur, Murder

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