Gold Grill

Uh...steady ?? steady ??

Bitch don't never get no rest

Uh...Grippin' the five, I'm a pimp in my mind;

I'm 'bout a bitch got some goals, with a good credit line

So, we pop the plastic..

If she hustle, I ball

Long as she payin' daddy

Ain't no problems at all

So, we break the mall

Now and then we fuck;

And then the bitch gon' be cool

Long as the paper stay up

When she suck on my pipe

Them golds shiny and bright..

Got them ?? hittin' that service every fuckin' night

I'm tal'in' 'bout NBA tricks

NFL tricks

NHL tricks

Payin' my bitch

Grade A pussy and she payin' for my dick;

She on my two-way now

The bitch done hit a fat dick, a fat dick

Now tell me what it's all about in that South:

Big gold grill in yo mouth

With leather inside your car, on yo' back, in yo' house

Get in a nigga's ride, the seat feel like a couch

Big cheese in my pouch

Bitch, if it hurt, say "Ouch"

Show ya grill if you will, show ya grill if you will

Show ya grill if you will, and you down with the trill

Show ya golds if ya bold, show ya golds if ya bold

Show ya golds if ya bold, and ya diamonds is cold

See this one right here, my niggas

We gon' dedicate it

To them boys from the ghetto keepin' grills gold-plated

Never hated, never will

We stayin' forever trill;

But boys on the blocks

They keep comin' forever ??

Open face with them designs...shit

Maybe a rack on top and bottom with a couple of diamonds to add some shine

Some niggas got that yella gold

Some niggas got that white

Some niggas got that platinum and bling, bling 'em all night

Shit, I know this boy with one gold, no ice;

I know a nigga who got robbed and bought the same teeth twice;

Muthafuckas with fangs, symbols of gangs or they squad

Some real and some fraud;

Spell the name of they broad

Got boys that praise the Lord

With open face and they cross

Some did all thirty-two, and paid a heavy-ass cost

So, whether you the boss, the runner, or the square

C'mon down to the South;

We got gold grills everywhere

Gold in the middle, they stay shiny

One on each canine;

You get one free if you not paid on government aid

Go get some shades

You blindin' hoes with 14 carat sun rays

But while they all up in yo grill

They vision blurry for days

Stacked, and ya say, "But couldn't I just stop at one" just like Lays

You left the whole jaw twinkle, to stick a rag in ya face

You buff 'em and shit;

They sparkle like the comets in space

I got two crosses with a diamond, heart, a club, and a spade

White ice on ??; that's what we be flippin', Ball

3rd Ward to The Mound

You know that we keep it raw

8Ball on my grill, baby, love it when I smile;

Say it make her pussy wet

And make her nipples get all hard

I try to break myself from the same ol' pattern

In the boulevards scattered, full a hatin': nigga chatterin'

Hoes, if you ask me, "What them niggas be about?"

Hate me 'cause my flow official

And I'm from that Dirty South

Vyšlo na albech