Feds In Town

A bad day for the niggaz in my click

I just got had a call from a bitch at the PA P.D. that's on my dick

It's seems the drug situation is so tow up

And poes down the fuckin T-X had to show up

I got shit on the scene so 99 can't hassle me

Now, they got the muthafuckin feds to come and wrestle me

And throw my game in a suplex

They got my 2 best workers on secret and there's no rest

Word on the streets is that they're rollin

In Dynasties..I-ROCs...and Caravans and muthafuckas are swolen

Like paper stacks and a rubberband

Goin all out of tact on the local bird slaggin brothaman

And be servin as slow as fuck

Cause my niggaz are nervous

and if they even think they see five-o, they duck!

So now, instead of rollin thick, niggaz is happy with a frown

Cause, the motherfuckin feds in town

Yes, the shit is silly, I put up my 9 milli for a switch-blade

I don't need no shit with these bitch-made

No more clownin in this town bro

No high-cappin in the clubs, I got to play them on a down-low

I took my tags off my buick and yall know I didn't love that

Rollin on some white balls and hubcaps

And even though I got long nails

No more French manicures bitch, YOU GOTS TO DO YOUR OWN NAILS!!

I told my niggaz to make sure that all their shit was tight

Cause they're gonna be on y'all ass every day and night

Tryin to run all kind of game

So, put y'all motherfuckin cars and yall cribs in yall momma's name

I took my jewelry to the pawn shop and sold it

Brought the money to my baby's momma and I told her to hold it

Cause Lil Bun might not see Big Bun up in his face

If I catch a fuckin case -- when the feds in town

God damn, it's been two motherfuckin months

Since I took my Rolex from under my sleeve

These hoes act like they ain't go never leave!

That shit is funky like a black skunk

Fuck all this waitin man, it's time to get this motherfucker back up!

I let them motherfuckers slack up, reorganize my click

Got the birds, and reopen my lab back up

And told my boys, "If a nigga looks crazy, blasts his ass in the eye,

Don't give him a chance to identify!"

And show his badge, I'm sorry to inform you

If your girl is pregnant, you ain't gon live to see your child be born

I'm blastin laws at random, cause I believe it's time to hand them

Close to the dopeman - God damn em

I'm sick of hiding like a bitch in the closet

So, y'all hoes can't find me

Y'all better try to blind me

And remind me of the jail time


It's time for TONY MONTANA stacks

I got niggaz on the corner holdin big ass bags and cans of crack

The land of Texas with that rock up

So, if y'all thinkin about checkin

My fools run in with your glock up

Cause, I'm a blast my nine to my last clip

To my last love

Before you take me for my damn drugs

So, we can have it all night, fight

Cause bitch, I'm ready to die from my tight lights

when the feds in town

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