Dirty Money

Say, look here man I'm a rapper

Hold up, let me take that back

I make rap music, but that don't mean all a nigga do is rap

But that don't matter I've been labeled, stigmatized, stereotyped

There's an entertainment disease worse than cancer, a venereal type

I spit imperial-type game like Digga from the Sqaud

But they act like they can't separate a real nigga from the fraud

Rule number one: never send a boy to fuck a grown ass lady

And respect the game 'cause the game is known to be gone fast baby

Now It's a long pass maybe you should try diving for it

Fools act like they striving for it hit Total Request Live and blow it

Knowing ain't a giving and nothing is

See all this candy-coated and bluffing is detrimental to our beautiful black southern kids

Enough of this man, let's get this here straight like creases

It's a never-ending cycle and motion that never ceases

It's compresses and releases and for the love of Jesus

It's breaks the soul, now we forever left to pick up the pieces it's dirty money

Niggas laughing but ain't a damn thing funny

You gotta have paper in this land of milk and honey

Yeah, it's bright outside but not nessicarily sunny

And no matter how you make it, it's all dirty money baby

Every drug I sold was for the dirty money

Most of my niggas is dead because the game is funny

You could get your life took at the drop of the dime

But I'mma pimp till the end and keep my money on mind

Most of my life I've been broke trying to save my bread

I never ask to be hustling now I watch out for feds

'Cause niggas be talking and giving up game

About the cheese, the green, the pills, the coke D's

I marry my pockets, so now I chase my queen

Keep a thang for the haters with the red beam

Every since fifteen I've been a big money fiend

Sippin' cold codeine and pulling up clean

Popping up at the spot and dropping the top

And keep a bad yellow with my dick on rock uh!

You can't get no house, no car

No weed, no bar, no flash, no show

No class, no flow, no help, no love

No liquor, no drug, no clique, no crew

No tracks to flow to, no pager, no phone

No flavor, no zone, no fiend, no cut

no wife, no slut, no name,

Nowhere in the game to get me five

No nothing without that dirty ass M-O-N-E-Y

My momma taught me what the value of a dollar should be

But everybody I saw balling was rolling selling Ki's

In the late 80's niggas pulling up on D's

Putting dick up in these hoes and making 'em pay fees

Learn how to ride dirty 'cause ain't shit for free

Then all them niggas got popped that's all I needed to see

For some the dope game cool 'cause that's all that they could be

I know God ain't put me down here just to be serving no fiends

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