Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride

Pimp C bitch! So what the fuck is up?

Step wrong nigga and I'll take ya fuckin nuts!

Got mo' dope than a pharmacy ho

Got a job for the city bitch I'm shovelin snow

South Texas motherfucker that's where I stay

Gettin pussy from these bitches every god damn day

Kick it with a trill nigga so you best not trip

Bought the Caddy crossed the pier and kicked to Ganksta Nip

Southern weight, get it straight, fuck them 20's and 10's

On the low my fuckin momma knows some ?

Motherfucker either down or the motherfucker ain't

And if ya bitch-ass ain't, then ya dick is in the paint

If ya gal look fine you better hide the bitch

Cause if I find her I'ma fuckin make her suck my dick

That dope for your momma and your sister too

And if I'm locked down then tell that shit might go for you

Don't try to get no false nuts, I take 'em sucker

Fuckin 'round with C you'll be a dead motherfucker

Nigga only 17 but I'm runnin the show

Sellin dope from Louisiana down to El Segundo, ha!

I think it's only fair that I should knock on wood

Cause my bitch is on the street, pussy sell real good

And all my ho know not to trip, bitch fuck petty

I'll take out my nine and shoot ya in ya fuckin titty

Hoe niggaz forty-five tryin to, get with me

Sellin fifty dollar slabs as I'm slangin them ki's

If you need to get some powder I'm fully supplied

I got the, cocaine in the back of the ride, motherfucker!

Cocaine in the back of the ride (Yeeeeeah, motherfucker!)

Yeah it's Bun B bitch, and I'm the king of the trade

Pockets fat as fuck from all the ducats the brother made

Hoes like to jock, but see I try to contain 'em

They droppin them drawers because I move they cocaine in

But I just laugh, cause pussy games be triflin

The legs get spread, I cut that ass like a knife then

bust a nut on her stomach, wash my dick in the sink

And buy a 40 at the store, from the god damn chink

Dope games keep ya SICK, just like a disease

Movin ki's makin G's, hoes drop to they knees

Little kids on the corner, steady grabbin they nuts

sayin, "I wish I was Bun when I grow the fuck up"

Baby blue Riviera, Dayton and laced rims

Khaki pants, black sweater with the U.G.K. brim

Black gat fully loaded nigga come with respect

Step up the wrong way I'll break yo' god damn neck

Big dick in my drawers, the niggaz from down South

Down to put a twelve gauge in yo' god damn mouth!

Think I'm playin bitch try me, it ain't no thang

Put them hands up bitch, and kiss this god damn ring

Cause I move tons of dope, twenty-four hours a day

Cocaine from Argentina to the 'Frisco bay

DEA try to stop me yo, but they shit ain't cold

Cause the nigga's got politicians on the Big Tyme payroll

Narcotic agents wearin cement shoes

Reported missin on the news, they singin the blues yo

Cause if they get my money nigga I'll let it slide

Just some mo' cocaine in the back of the ride, bitch!

"Cocaine in the back of the ride"

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