Choppin' Blades

Say nigga whatup nigga

How you doin with yo nigga

We be ridin' we be rollin'

We be fuckin bitches every mornin'

Nigga don't mess with us

UGK bitch that's us

Fuck around and die that's the truth

I ain't lyin'

I ain't gotta lie gotta cry

That's you bitch I see you smile

Ain't a thang got 12 hoes

Got a jag got a benz

Niggas like us do whut?


Choppin' blades


We be choppin blades rollin' up in tha streets

We be gettin drunk smokin' up in tha streets

We be fuckin hoes up in my streets

Its 'cause that jigga man ain't pimpin' anymore

In these streets

We chop blades

And hot babes and right fo us and shit

And bitch don't fuck round no mo

I gotta blade gotta bitch

Don't mess with our shit

I don't play around when the time comes

To be serious

And the bitch wants me to cum in my cereal

Killer that is with no fuckin soul

The end is near bitch watch this shit as it goes


Die bitch muddafucka

I kill a punk muddafucka

I hate em muddafuckaz

They don't deserve bitch muddafucka

This is rap bitch muddafucka

So fuck yeah bitch that me

UGK representin the shit in our streets

Ye that's us

Ye we doin' whut?

Ye we choppin blades

Should I could I?

Hell ye

We choppin blades

Choppin blades

Oh fuck yeah

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