ACT IV - The Betrayal


What many believed was only a legend

Was now lying in front of me...

There it was... Erian's book of the holy angels

The testament of all the Heavens... beckoning to me

A black dragon made of stone stood guard over it

Threatening with outstretched wings...

As I drew closer my heart pounded

But I cast off my fear and in the next instant

I opened the book...

King Uriel:

What Erian had written 5.000 years before

Was now finally before their eyes

(Suddenly Tarish raises a knife to Iras' throat)

Dargor: Elf of the caves!

Khaas: Tarish, what in God's name are you doing?

Iras: You... insane... fool!

Tarish: I do what must be done...!

Dargor: Let him go!

Tarish: Give me the book and I will spare the life of this old wizard!

Lothen: Traitor...

Iras: He knows not what he's doing!

Tarish: I know very well what I am doing... Hand it to me!

Give it to me or he will die!

Khaas: All right... Take the book but let Iras go!

Iras: Nooo...!

[In the next instant Khaas and Dargor attack Tarish]

Iras: Take it from him!

Tarish: Fools...! This belongs to the Black Order...!

Dargor: Leave it... leave it!

Khaas: Ahhh... I'm bleeding!

Lothen: Help him!

Iras: Do not let him escape... Go after him! We must have the book

Dargor: I will return with it!


As I lay wounded...

An incredible pain shooting through my head

I saw Dargor struggling with Tarish... he won!

But before dying, the elf king was able

To tear some pages out of Erian's book

Then everything turned to black...