Further Up, Further In

I dreamed the wind came to my house

These are the words fell from his mouth:

"The king you seek, you'll find him true

But only if he rides the road with you"


Further up, further in

Further up, further in

I stepped aboard a ship that flew

It took me wherever it wanted to

Far above land, far above sea

The dreamer and the doer agreed to agree


I was sent to the war, stripped of my power

Gagged and imprisoned in a tall dark tower

I must have cried for an age or more

'Till I saw through tears and I found the door


High on a cliff in gorgeous clothes

A madman danced on the balls of his toes

Forgetting myself I fell at the feet

Of the greatest fool I ever did meet


The stars were bright and magic afoot

On the summer wind rose the sound of a flute

I saw the musician, my heart knew him well

What happened next no rhyme can tell


We came to the end of the world one day

A dolphin swam in a sheltered bay

I paid to the king what it was I owed

Put my face to the wind and my foot on the road


I find I've wandered far from home

But home is in me wherever I roam

I thought I was an hour or a year behind

But the hours and the years are only time


Vyšlo na albech