Tears of Sorrow

Another drop falls from a flower

And it seems it could take an hour

(I'm) drowning I wish I can't breathe

I can't cope with this bleak sensation

I feel killed by anger and frustration

This won't be our last good-bye

Only now I realize how precious is the light

It's so cold without your smile

Hope will suffocate my pain again tomorrow

Though my lonely dreams you'll soon live again

Let my tears create a shadow on your sorrow

(I'll) always fell inside a never-ending stain

A blast of wind has blown out your candle

It's a pain that I couldn't handle

Tears are bursting out of my bleeding eyes

I can't cope with this situation

I am filled with anger and frustration

This can't be our last good-bye


Don't wanna meet the other side

'til I get to find myself

Gonna say it one more time

I must live again!

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