Trapped into the bowels of shadows, path is so long

And snags oversee my slow steps

They're ready to catch me

They're ready to wrap me

Feeling that sky

Stares at my eyes

Stars ran away cause they're afraid of my fear

They're waiting till I fall asleep

I'm walking alone and I don't know why

The only thing I can hear is my breath

It's easing in

And scaring me

Rain's falling down

The face is cold

The hands are pale

I'm dying down

There's only one firefly lighting my way

But she's faster than me

She hides with the stars

Maybe someone is calling me

But I pretend not to hear

And I dry my tears

I walk and I walk even without a guide

I understand it's time for me to stop

I raise my eyes and I fell I'm no more

Nobody can see me I changed myself

I'm that firefly

And I spread the light

Drops are my seas

And my breath is wind

Mother's making me free.. free!

I'm the nature

And she's part of me

I am no more

I'm the ground

And he's part of me

I live

I'm the sky

And he's part of me...

And I'll make the stars appear again

Vyšlo na albech