Jealous Lover

Lost and lonely

Clouds hide the sun

Out on the highway

It's all hit and run

Cold empty nights

Demons in my head

It's something I did

Or baby something you said

And it's hard to discover

That you're just another

Jealous lover

And it's so tough to take

But you're making no mistake

Jealous lover

Oh yeah

Don't want no other

Shades of red

Eyes of green

Sees black and white

And there's no in between

Ask me no questions

I'll tell you no lies

Still you keep thinking

That it's all alibis

And it's hard to discover

You're like any other

Jealous lover

And you're saying I'm a fake

Don't you making a mistake

Oh, no no

Every day it's the same

The faces and the names

How long can I go on

Playing this game

So I live for the nights

Soft candle lights

Today they love you

Then tomorrow they might

And it's hard to face

Someone else takes your place

Jealous lover

And they're saying that's the brakes

But I got what it takes

Jealous lover, ohh oh

Jealous lover

Jealous lover

Don't need no, no no

Don't need no other

Jealous lover, yeah

Jealous lover

Jealous lover