I'm bored of quality

I'm tired of keeping diciplined

I'm sweltering

The heat is too much for me

Producing this shit

Is pure vanity

I got a frostbite in my frontal lobe

I got no empathy

No sensitivity

Please won't you unwrap me from this cotton wool -

I won't be bullet proof

When you just smile

When you

You're bored of quality

You're tired of

Keeping diciplined

I'm not sweltering ( I'm sweltering)

The heat is perfect for me (It's too much for me )

Making this song is not vanity (it is vanity)

You got a frostbite in your frontal lobe

But I got too much empathy

So much sensitivity

Please please wrap me up in some cotton wool -

I'm not bullet proof

When you just smile


When you smile

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