Old People in the Cemetery

Old people in the cemetery

what must they be thinking of?

must be frightening must be scary

to visit the grave of a close friend

who was the same age as you when they died

There's nothing precious about

old people in the cemetery

reciting bible passages

unprepared to come to terms with

the fact that we're all food for worms

what do they think a prayer

could make a difference now?

There's nothing sadder than

an old woman in the cemetery

picking leaves off of her husbands tomb

Knowing that her only wish is

that she will die and join him soon

It's so sad to see them all just wither away,

there's nothing sadder then old people like that

It must be hard to relate

after the world of your youth

totally evaporates

Old men in the cemetery

lurking like faint shadows of the dead

gazing down at mother's plot

and longing to be there instead

it's a dreary fate

and no one should have to be

as depressing as old people like that

Vyšlo na albech