There she is, looking down at me

Down at us, gazing with a sigh

Bright as always, clouds give way

Tonight so sharp, so clear and solid

Knows all her missions, never ever failed

The roar will rise to kill in the name...

How can they "forget" and never regret?

Not taking their chances and heal?

It's awful and true, this manic award

Blowing their souls to pieces for him

You're going down and that is the end

No heroes left but fallen men

She catches it all so gently with a shine

They're on their thrones, looking down at us

With hate and loss the aim remains

So unfairly in their misery

How can they go on and never look back?

When will they accept and give in?

All over the fear comes closer to us

The stars will shine beyond the end

Vyšlo na albech