An unsavoury You spending my time on them

Without hesitation earning your money on us

Forged truth coming out filthy fingers

Alone cutting glass

Breaking hearts

Tinker with words

Stocked expectations in all this sickness

Get on your horses plodding in march

Overlook the future

Embrace the spirits of enterprise

Winter enclosure

Peaceful exploitations of deadly words

Soil is pulsating

Transmitted by the sweetest smile

Her beam embraces him

Sun swallow drunken mind

And writes her name on face

Overloaded memories were spilt on fire

The lack of comfort makes heroes of pain

Recreates the stars as the flare is conquered by aptitude

Winter enclosure

Vivid sounds creates connecting tunes

Soil is pulsating

The song is fully blown

A choir hymns the saddest melody

In hypnotic landscapes

Icebound the flower shiver

Vyšlo na albech