The Dulce Incident

The penetration of barren land

Through rock and soil

An objective must be fulfilled

Construction under the surface

With an undisclosed purpose

Digging down

Digging down as signs of pressure build

The threshold weakens and begins to fail

A nauseating stench omits from the bowels of the earth

As gaseous fumes erupt!

Beneath the structure implodes

An ancient underworld exposed

But something dwells at these depths

Sensing a presence inside the dismal confines

Beyond the darkness and dust

Elusive figures arise revealing the face

of humanoid life forms

A kind colonized and hidden below

A massive horde, they approach

Shots fire in panic!

A massacre ensues

Unfazed by gunfire a sacred power is exhumed

Every target subjected to amputations

and gaping burn wounds

Casualties outweigh the rescued

A conflict buried with time

and each body in its tomb

Vyšlo na albech