Sadistic Experiments

Government has influenced and orchestrated abduction of civilians

For use as subject in secretive experiments

Forcibly exposing them to deadly pathogens

Survival was never the outcome expected

Survival was never expected

Tests are conducted to observe a fatality of their infection

Created with only harmful intent of slowly killing its host and increasing the potential to spread

You are chosen the first casualty to demonstrate its bodily affliction

Suspended from appendages, your spinal cord is punctured

The virulent's injected in an agonizing procedure

Monitored at distance, initial ailments run its course

Veins protrude and begin to rupture

Flesh separates, hanging from weakened limbs

Boils inflate with plasma, spontaneously bursting through the skin


This experience continues to worsen as infection fully takes over

Subjective to their sadistic experiments, you are transformed into a sight of abomination

Vyšlo na albech