Regulated Disposal of Life

Increasingly civilians contract the infection at an alarming rate, flooding nearest cities in a rampage to satisfy their now instinctive thirst, depopulating the human race


A manhunt is upon us by a selective few appointed under governmental regulation

To track and exterminate the infected in an effort to resolve their disastrous situation

Possessing endless amounts of weaponry, authorities unleash their personal army of hired mercenaries

Paid to wage war against an ongoing adversary

Upon first sight of the infected, they fall victimized to gunfire

In an emotionless disposal of life, this has become another inhumane display of execution

Remnants of exploded skulls and floating grey matter, hundreds of bullet-filled bodies litter the streets

The pavement's soaked red as result of blood shed

Another town's left in ruin by the war against infection

Vyšlo na albech