New Age Apophis

You have no choice but to fear me.

A demi-god amongst young mortal souls.

Betrayed, slain, recycled

Through the depths of hell,

Resurrected from traitors blood,

I am born of sin.

Origins pre-dating old testaments.

Bringing forth onslaught and darkness,

Bear witness as I drain this world!

Witness rebirth of animalistic urge.

Driven by disgust

And this lust for degradation,

I remain in unrest

Till Deconstruction is attained.

Oppose and endure my wrath!

All whom oppose shall be disgorged, hung, and bled Out

Upon your own trusted cross,

Carcass abandoned to rot

Beneath the sun and before your God.

I'm not benevolent.

I'm not the beast within your revelation.

I am the first wave of your devastation!

I shall feast upon the brave!

Like insects, crawl and beg.

Beg for release.

Accept the inherent evil.

I'm slaughtering every saint sent to destroy me,

For all eyes to see you can resist no more.

Simply bow at my feet,

I am the new age apophis!

I am the new age apophis!

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