Ending Intellect

Were your plans to overthrow?

I'll let you experience struggle

Ignoring suggestive influence, your intellect has merely lead you to martyrdom

Which shall serve as a deterrent for those who chose to follow

Corrupting public thought, influencing paranoia, breeding a new infectious plight based off mental terrorism

For such defection, find punishment in execution

(Your execution)

For such defection, find punishment in execution

Now face the repercussions of these acts

Tortured, nearly beaten to death, your tongue is severed from your mouth, a reminder there's no freedom of speech anymore

As your soul bleeds out, your body shall be left to rot, and the rodents to feed upon your corpse

Silence is simply that easy

You have failed to deconstruct a flawless design

Bow to a real oppressor

Your voice and mind are the true contagion

So you must be exterminated

Vyšlo na albech