Big Money On The Table

It's the life of a gambler

Scared money don't make none

You better be careful

'cause you might be the one that gets broke

You understand me?

You better think twice

Before you roll the dice

The outcome might not be nice

Big money on the table

Big money on the table

Oh you really wanna gamble with your life

What about your kids and your wife?

Big money on the table

Big money on the table

Yo, yo

What they advertise

I'm not wishin' to believe

I want some balance in my life

I like the fishes in the trees

But I like new kicks too

I'm riddled with the deeds

It is wrong for me to accept?

They bringing it to me

I like the way it looks

I like the way it feels

I like the dream that they're selling so I'm paying bills

Fuck, play and feel, or just laying still

I'm a lay-lay money on the game in wheel

See they dangle cars

Like manga stars up in my face

Sayin' have a laugh but don't grab a part of what we take

It's like an ever large, you have a chance they drop their stakes

Like an aviateour, you going fast, get chopped at base

It's at the heart of the street

When they sat and we can share

Like I'm passing the weed

And you jumpin' in the air


Vyšlo na albech