Wish upon a star

Take a step enter the land

Walk through the air

Take my hand

Wishmaster's will -

Join him the quest for dream

A make-believe

Is all we ever need

Wish upon a star

No matter who you are

The second star to the right

Harbinger's gate

Beyond the boundaries

Blossom ballet

In the great wide somewhere

Wish upon a star

Believe in will

The realm of the king of fantasy

The master of the tale-like lore

The way to kingdom I adore

Where the warrior's heart is pure

Where the stories will come true

A cub of the king betrayed by usurper

A girl in the rain swearing to her father's name

Belle the last sight for the dying gruesome

The beauties sleeping awaiting

Deep in a dream

For true love's first kiss

Bald Mountain Night

Devilheart endures but light

A mad aerial dance

Chernabog's succubi

Black Cauldron born

Gurgi's heart forlorn

Pig-keeper or hero

On a quest of augury

Maleficent's fury

The spindle so luring

Dragon fight, dying night

Dooming might

Apprentice of Yen Sid

Conducting the galaxy

Dreamer on mountaintop

Spellbound masquerade

The Sailor an idol for the six-year-old in me

The Phoenix of White Agony Creek

Enchantress, A mermaid in a tale as old as time

A Dragonslayer, The Awakener

Wish upon a star...

Vyšlo na albech