River of Virgin Soil

There's something about the river

Something magical I can't describe

While it's raining outside the windows

The water itself lies calm

This is the world of my dreams

Where the seventh sense comes out

Like a falcon so high

Conquering the infinite sky

With a majestic pride

It's enchanting my mind

A restless voice inside of me

circling all around

Seeking what it could not find

Oh no, I couldn't find...!

A dreamer

A believer

I truly am

But there's no easy answer on how this will end

With silence I stepped into the wild

In the raw raw wildness

I was blinded by a tainted sight

The sound

of unspoken words

Felt soft leaves on my face

Hit by a vivacious caress

There's something about the river

Where a virginal creature belongs

It floats away like roses

with its snow-white skin and long hair

This overwhelms my senses

and lets me feel alive

Vyšlo na albech