Yo Chick

Told myself I would neva ight ova a broad

Till i was heartbroke and couldn't get over a broad

Was it true love? Who the fuck knows?

Whacha think I did? Recruit a new hoe

I see bitches cheat on me with a nigga they love

So when it come to women, I dunno who to trust

Rick James said cocaine was a hell of a drug

But cocaine ain't got shit on fornication and love

How would you feel that I told you that I fucked yo bitch?

Not yo EX girl, but the one you with

Is a special place in hell for the shit she did

Shit, whacha expect, these bitches devilish


You already know that you can't trust these hoes

Nah, nah, so befo' you try to wiffer her

I think you should know I fucked yo bitch x2

I'm tellin' this to

Vyšlo na albech