We Gon' Go

First Bob died, then James B

Now Mike gone who gonna save me?

All my heroes ground zero, where Jay-Z?

At least he still here, lemme emcee

Lemme emcee I'm gon' go widdit

Red Foxx passed now Bernie Mac

You know a nigga need to laugh where Trixx at?

Russell Peters been the illest since Similac

Arsenio kept the television black

We need take it back, show 'em where the flavors at

Yeah we walk a little funny with the gold grills

Anytime I hear Lauryn I still get chills

Wyclef show front row so ill

They much older but they show you how to get busy

Nike gave a shoe to Dizzee - that's UK

All day with a Semtex replay

Westwood in the hood 279

Google these niggaz international prime time

Y'all rappers like welfare part-time

Eventually you stop workin for the shine

I murder every line right in front of police

Old school keep the fridge full of O.E.

As a dedication to the DRE

I'm a be a nigga with attitude, no degree

Lemme emcee, lemme emcee

1st Rap City, now Vibe gone

And you old heads wonder why the vibe gone

It ain't never been the same since Tribe gone

But you gotta let bygones be bygones

I'm gone pissin' on your lawn

Fertilize the game, my drive I pass on

Raised on stage, rock for the public

Live for my wife and my fame you gotta love it

Wine on a gyal when the dub start rubbin

I'll take a house party over clubbin' any day

Stupid 'coute thats why you never learn nothing

I make more than enough to get by

Enuff get high, Ciph keep rockin

Clinton do the thinkin Kardinal do the talkin

Milks on your moustache 1st time nigga

I Sing in the shower I'm a big rhyme nigga

Spit rhyme nigga not tryin to see a cage

Black men turn a new page when you get out

Some don't get let out, if you do go'

Live for respect before you die for the dough

Super Dave thanks for the inspiration yo!

Nottz, Jake One, Dready Beats, Just Blaze

Timbaland, Pharell shoutout to Haze

Show respect while they alive that's love

That's peace that hats off to the white glove

We Gon' Go.....

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