Aiyyo Kardinal!

Yes rudeboy?

Talk to the people then, please!

Put some fire on this one

Yeah yeah you know

Circle Clique up in the place you know

Kardinal Offishall in the place you know

Busta Bust in the place you know

Flipmode Squad in the place you know

The whole T-Dot in the place you know

New York in the place you know

Get yo ass up

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine

Now you can catch me and my niggaz in the limousine

An eight-seater, rollin' ten niggaz deep

With five chicks and niggaz in the back in the Jeep

Cruisin' the streets, word, get down, to the beat

You don't stop til them niggaz lick shots

At the dance with a new dance, this is how we rock

When we drop, showin' y'all that we just can't stop

Yes, from the T-Dot, nigga

We don't say "You know what I'm sayin'?"

We say "Man, the shots sprayin'"

For the niggaz in the back (Clap, clap)

See me with the new rap attack, in fact

It's like that, at all times when I rhyme good

Rep every hood, North ??? to the wood

Then back to the streets and adapt, we maintain

I maim whack cats standin' at a close range

Tryin' to show y'all people that it ain't a game

And it's all love, if you check what I'm sayin'

Now what I'm sayin' is it's on tonight

My niggaz (Rock BaKardi) let me see what you like

My niggaz in the back show love

Straight from the man up above

People gettin' down in the streets

Middle finger, plus a nigga makes beats

Gangstas, keepin' a tool at the waist

No more gun shots in the place

Cause niggaz lickin' shots when the mic gets hot

And my people rub a dub to the bass

(Flipmode!) Straight up, I hit up and shoot on the block

Get up and grip on the spot

Whip up and pick up a Glock, I make the blood spill up

Spit up and pick up a shot

Drip of it stick to your socks, bitch

Take a trip, controllin' the strip on your block, bitch

See I ain't finished stickin' the dick in your crotch, bitch

Now sit and watch, bitch

Another notch, you turnin' my shit up and rock

A little too eager to drop (C'mon, what!)

So, let's do it a bit quicker and split up your knot

A short circuit, like an electrical shock

So say it to shepherd niggaz, so say it to flock (C'mon!)

Before I send a bitch to go take what you got

Actin' like he didn't know the bitch, then you must have forgot, bitch

Rip up a nigga, stick up and kick up a nigga

It could be a million dudes, go rally your clique up my nigga (C'mon!)

Before we make you want to go ditch on your niggaz

Switch on them niggaz, before we bring the bitch out of you niggaz

Yo, yo, last letter in the episode

(Let me see who to ??? from those who don't know)

Put your right foot in

(Now wait, step back)

Repeat with the left and add the (Clap, clap)

How we move makin', too much at stake in

The rap game these days, we got

(Itchy man) trigger finger look

A little itchy man, while I stay Ichiban

Tryin' to get money man

Y'all stay funny man, I'm a lesbian

Only like women, dun'know that's the master plan

Stan, why you tryin' to look like me?

(You best stay home chillin' out with your wifey)

This thing here's for the strong at heart, and the strong of the mind

We need warriors, not your kind

Trust me dude (Don't mean to be rude

But I'll eat the food)

Kardinal stamped it, double octave

Rappin' like a bull on the mic, never dropped it

If it ain't Timbs, then I'm rockin' some Nikes

Party people tell me what you like please

[Hook x2: Kardinal Offishall]

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