Wha wha wha what

Yo yo yo yo

Sit me down

Mr. Kardinal

Kardinal Offishall, number one bad bwoy heheheh

Yeah, yeah

It's all about this girl, ya know, drive de man crazy

Going out to the raspberry crew, Circle

Hear me now, hear me now

Let me tell you a liccle story bout this girl I used to know

Use to come and tell me she love me since me sing Onwiddasho

She say she loves do way me represent de whole of T dot O

She say she love me on de TV, love me in a de video

She say she sit dung pon are' bed and listen to de radio

And wen me sing 'bon-diddley-bong' she haffe run an change are' clothes

She say me kill are wit de styles and just a murda wit de flow

Me juss a sweet are with the riddim tun are eena yo-yo


She comin in like she don't know

Seh me 'ave a girlfriend and she don't play (no)

Might box her in are mout and chop off she toe

Lawd God why did Kardi haffe so sexy though?

She try fe kiss me pon me neck, mi haffe tell de gyal 'Yo!'

'Walk and live-touch and you've got to go'

Yuh body look good, yes sweet like mango

But you know the story girl, come on 'a ho is a ho'

Yuh nuh 'ave nuh drawz on how yuh skin dry so?

Favour one ol' piece of dry up cho-cho!

Yes girl yuh batty big but you know how dat go

I'm a very tall yout because I won't stoop low for...

CHORUS Maxine, oh Miss Maxine

Yuh body look ready, for you I am waitin

It goes Maxine, oh Miss Maxine

Yuh body look ready, come make we rock steady

Yo, I was walkin down de street and this girl said 'Hi!'

'Aren't you that rapper named Mr. Kardiny?'

Chuh, see me yah-yes girl dat's de I

Lyric specialist, number one bad bwoy

Give tanks to de most high for lookin so fly

So pretty sometime mek yuh eye dem cry

Drip out eye water and flood up de sky

Rush de man dem first in case de youth dem waan try

She said 'I like your style and yo Kardi mi nuh shy

Me want strip off yuh Karl and den rub up yuh Kani

Squeeze up yuh brugah and nyam off yuh fry

Blow off yuh top and show you mi two ply!'

I told are 'Hol' on girl, a musse die - you waan die

Betta wash yout yuh mout bout you a nyam out mi fry

Clean up yourself and meet me top a Mount Zion

Cause only one girl mek de Kardinal high

And that's


Diamond, and Gold, and platinum next to she

Look like a big ol' rusty tin a bully beef!

She lip dem juicy and sheleg look sweet

Body just a shine from she head to she feet

Nice type of girl dat you waan yuh moumma meet

Every time yuh talk are name, yuh haffe skin teet'

Pretty like a who? The gyal bad yuh nuh see it

Everytime she want a slam mi haffe get up and dweet

Clothes dem cris bran new Parasuco

Grip de bamsee like noby livin' in Toronto

Boassy whe she walk-never listenin' to 'Yo!'

She only listen to are man when she walk outta door

And that's Maxine

Lord let me tell you something about Max--ee-een!!!!



Yeah yeah yea

You don know, zeen


You don know

Leave me alone now, chuh