Man By Choice

He's got the green timbs with the fat laces, hahaha

Yo, yeah, uh huh

Checking in, nigga

You say why I call you nigga, think about it

You went from what...

From an African, straight to a nigger, you know what I'm saying

We traveling over to what, to what,

Negro, and then we went to what

Then we went to black

Then it was on some Afro-American stuff

Afro-Canadian what have you, but guess what

It don't matter what you call yourself

It's what they call you behind your back

Nigga, straight up

Straight up and down, you know what I'm sayin

Y'all know

A yo

Walkin through the uptown a black man (nigga)

Walkin down Yonge St. a black man (nigga)

Walkin through Flatbush a black man (nigga)

When the revolution comes I got a finger on the trigga

I was born a regular man of the Earth

With a curse to walk like a soldier since birth

My exterior is shaded in by my melanin

Stereotype of my type is a felon

My people cause static cause automatically now a days we fire automatics

Grammatically adequate my people come equipped

With enough lyrics to move battleships

Blood brother ever since the slave ships

It doesn't matter who I am when I walk by

They still see me as a nigga whine I walk by

That's O.K. - this nigga will play the role and come again and take back the Earth another day

I'm a nigga baby, we some niggaz baby

Some do walk, some do talk, some may buss their glocks

But I'm a nigga for lie and a man by choice

Walkin through London a balck man (nigga)

Walkin through Rexdale a black man (nigga)

Strollin through Dectaur as a black man (nigga)

Yo, I was born to emcee representin with the Figurez

I can taste the history livin in my bones

For the thickness I got a love jones

I like my girls with the nappy dug out hips and chest buss out

Lips real full, gettin ready to cuss out

Parasuco gettin insulated by the structure

Body so powered that the labels be stickin out in 3-D

We salute the ladies - raped over time pushin out light babies

The slave masters with the devil in their eye

Saw nothin but a nigga when you walked by

But you the mother of creation

Let's bring back the family aspect and try to build a strong nation

Walkin through Chinatown a black man (nigga)

Walkin through the projects a balck man (nigga)

Strollin through Africa a black man (nigga)

Some try to disrespect to make themsleves look bigger

I am a nigga since birth, a man by choice

Some men act niggerish pushin Rolls Royces

Thinkin them toys make a man

While you johnin them hookers

We tryin to make a stand

What you believe in?

Chris Rock? Or crack rock?

Soft rock? Or hard rock?

When I talk the whole world rocks

LIke the vote, we can change thinkin

Before you set a float your whole concepts sinkin

You know I like to see you back that ass up

But before you pass up, you should get your damn class up!

Take the hood out your mouth and parle!

So we can take back the world right now, today!